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I have a confession to make.

I have an unhealthy obsession with something. No, it’s not baking, there’s nothing unhealthy about that.

I am completely in love with cupcakes.

I don’t mean eating them (but who doesn’t love eating them). I mean looking at them. Cupcakes are the most adorable things in the universe. They’re like tiny canvases, able to be spread with a whole host of tiny adorable decorations that make them even cuter. When I see amazingly decorated cupcakes, something in my heart just starts to glow and I feel that everything in life just has to be great. For how could any world that can produce something that’s so overwhelmingly cute and delicious at the same time really be that bad? Part of my obsession might stem from the fact that when it comes to being artistic, I am miserably untalented. I ooo and ahhh over well-decorated cupcakes not only because they’re cute, but because I know that it takes a level of skill I don’t have. When it comes to cupcakes, I pour out all the love, admiration, and obsessively intense behavior in the world.

That’s not to say I haven’t at least tried my hand at some cute decorated cupcakes! Here, check out these pool ball cupcakes I made for Nick’s dad for Christmas.

They’re kind of cute, right? Of course, then you realize that I did the striped balls backwards, whoops. But I did think I had a stroke of genius when I used the mini oreos to pipe the numbers on to! Anyway, his dad really liked them, he had them displayed on the pool table and everything.

That same Christmas, my friend and I tried our hand at some snowmen for a family I babysit for

Awww, look at him! Amazing what some sprinkles, twizlers, a tic tac, and a fruit roll up can do to cupcakes!

Look at all those happy snowmen! Their mini cupcake heads are stuck to the bodies with pretzel sticks!

And of course it was too much fun to resist playing around

I haven’t ventured too much into cupcake decoration, but my absolute dream is to make the one thing in the world that might be cuter than cupcakes.

That’s right, bees made out of fondant.

These are the most amazing cupcakes I have ever seen. If you can find something cuter than these cupcakes topped with these fondant bees, I dare you to show it to me. Just look at them, they’re happy little bees! I’m all giddy now!

Ah, one day I’ll have some fondant to play with and then all my dreams can be realized.

Anyway, as you might imagine, when I see a cupcake on something I tend to buy it. Plus my passion has become such a defining characteristic for me that almost everyone I know does the same! I’ve got a lot of cupcake stuff. And by a lot, I mean a lot.

Want to take a look at my cupcake collection? Of course you do!

Some of my cupcake things are practical! Like this spatula, recipe book, and soap! I got the soap for my birthday, but I love it too much to use it, so I guess it’s not very practical after all

My cupcake memo pad makes all my grocery lists a delight

Yes, I have two cupcake lipglosses. It’s great though because one is chocolate and the other is raspberry, my two favorite flavors in combination. My cupcake necklace makes me feel special, but it’s my cupcake bandaids that really help me out on a daily basis

I tend to run into things, but when I can put on such a cute bandaid, it’s no trouble at all.

I also have a bracelet to match my necklace

And some sweet earrings too!

Back when I was recovering from knee surgery, I got this amazing cupcake bouquet from my boyfriend’s family. They just know me so well. Sadly though, the flowers were not edible, but I pretended they were cupcake scented.

What about this cupcake tattoo my sister drew on me at halloween? Pretty good for eyeliner and lipstick.

Cupcakes on clothes? Well I’ve got those too.

Speaking of Halloween, here’s some costumes cupcakes might wear (thanks Kelsey! <3)

And then there’s this sassy little number. In addition to getting me the cupcake bandaids and the halloween shirt, my friend Kelsey also hooked me up with a coupon for this. She’s an enabler of the best kind.

Is there any better way to keep your toesies warm than with cupcake socks? No, no there is not.

Finally there’s my favorite, the oh so cozy and pleasant cupcake pants. I’m also wearing the hello kitty cupcake shirt Nick got me for Christmas. Cupcake overload? No such thing!

Cupcakes cupcakes everywhere and not a bite to eat! But I’m really okay with that 🙂

Do you guys like cupcakes too? Have you ever made any? Or maybe you own something with a cupcake on it that I’ll just have to hunt you down for. Come show me! Cupcakes are too great to be loved by just one person, spread the joy around!