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If you keep up with Bakerella’s blog, you might know that she’s out on her Cake Pops book tour right now. Sadly, she wasn’t stopping in my fair city, but she was going to be an hour away signing at a Williams-Sonoma in Costa Mesa where some of my best friends attend school. A relatively short drive, great people to hang out with, AND getting to meet Bakerella in the flesh? There was absolutely no question, I just had to go.

So I did.

My friends and I got to the mall early and had fun walking around, but when we got to the store, it was incredible how packed it was! I mean, I know Bakerella is amazing, but I won’t lie and say I wasn’t shocked that there were so many people there. It was a very confusing mess, but eventually we figured out you had to buy a book and take your receipt to a lady in the front who gave you a number and the number corresponded to your place in line for the signing. Mine was 104.

Bakerella came out and did a quick Q&A with all the fans (she was so cute and wonderful, I was already spazzing out), and then everyone went and queued up outside the store. It was about 12:20pm then and I had to leave Costa Mesa by 2:30 in order to get back home and get to work on time, but I was confident!

An hour and half and many games of “Six Degrees of Separation” later, we reached the front of the outdoor queue and were let inside, where there were still about 15 people in front of me. But I was finally there, I was so excited! When there were two people in front of me, she actually caught my eye and exclaimed how much she loved my shirt and that got me even more thrilled.

Finally, it was my turn.

I had all these things I wanted to say. I wanted to shake her hand and tell her how inspiring she was, how she had influenced my own passion for baking and I was so happy for her success and so on. But of course, nothing ever works out exactly the way we plan.

I did shake her hand. But then I giggled and fluttered and turned five different reds and couldn’t say anything beyond “I am so happy to have been able to come here and meet you” in a stammery sort of way. Let me try and capture this moment for you, verbatim:

Me: omgomgomghi

Bakerella: Hi! *pose for picture* I just love your shirt so much, where did you get it? *grabs a notepad*

Me: omgomgomgomg uh um it’s shirt woot! S-H…wait, what am I doing, you know how to spell shirt. Shirt dot woot dot com. Yeah. I have a bit of a cupcake fetish *giant smile, can’t really breathe*. And I’m just so happy I got to be here and meet you and I’m so happy for you

Bakerella: Awww, you’re so sweet! *hugs*


And that was it. I tried not to trip on anything as I waved goodbye and giggled all my words. I was glowing all the way out of the mall, for it was time to run back to San Diego. I had just enough time to grab my things at my friend’s apartment and get on the road. Of course, I realized I didn’t explain to her how shirt.woot works, so I hope she finds the shirt in the reckoning and doesn’t spite me forever in her memory.

Want to see some pictures?

Look there she is! It was already so crowded when I got there, there was no room in the front to get great pictures during her Q&A, but my friend and I did our best

She was doing like bloggers do, taking lots of pictures with her fancy camera. Oh, and her shoes were adorable, I wish I had a picture of them

Here I am with my heart beating right out of my chest, telling her how much I adore her and not even worrying about coming off creepy (which I’m sure I must have a teeny bit)

But if I did, she didn’t show it. This picture came out incredibly, I’m really glad!

Ta-dah! It was an amazing adventure and a wonderful experience. Thank you so much, Bakerella, for being such a phenomenal person and a great inspiration to wonder bakers everywhere.