I love spinach. It’s probably the best leafy green in the whole world. And when you add cheese to the equation, there’s no way to lose! My friend Lauren shared this recipe for spinach and egg cups from The Village Cook and I just couldn’t wait to make them, but I think you’ll soon see why I might have to file this one under a baking flop. Though is it really a flop if it still turns out delicious? I don’t think so, but I’ll let you decide.

The biscuits: I used a tube of extra flakey ones. I found that the individual biscuits were too big, so I ripped off about a third of them before rolling them out, then I put the pieces together. They all sort of came together in funny ways, but they were alright. Just jam them into your muffin cups with enough on the tops to contain the egg.

The spinach: I used a bag of frozen and drained cut leaf spinach and mixed it with lots of cheeses. Mozzarella, Parmesan, Cream Cheese, and a mixed blend with some Asiago and other stuff in there too. Basically a bunch of really tasty white cheeses. I don’t think you could have too much cheese, ever.

The eggs: Well, this is where things got a little messy. When I first tried to just crack an egg right into the spinach, it just slid off everywhere. Herpy derpy me didn’t make an indentation in the spinach to hold the egg, so they were all too stuffed to keep the whole egg in there. Instead of going through and taking some spinach out, I decided to just use the yolks instead of all the egg.

I separated my eggs using the shells that somehow all cracked nicely. But if you want, you can just strain the whites out through your fingers. Messy, but it works great!

Some of them came out perfectly

And some not so much

But after a few minutes in the oven, the ugly ones were just as tasty. I really loved these, they made a great breakfast as I run out the door to school in the morning and a nice light snack around lunch. The egg was fluffy and the spinach and melted cheese was so scrumptious, just like a spinach dip at a fancy restaurant.

You can dig in with a fork or just take a big bite, but either way it’s happy eating!

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