I suppose I mentioned it, but when I first found Annie’s Eats, I went through her entire blog (yes, back hundreds of posts) and bookmarked a bunch of things. When we needed an extra dish for our simple dinner tonight, I was really excited to be given the opportunity to make these biscuits!

Unfortunately, we were in a bit of a time crunch and I didn’t take pictures of my process, but I still think they deserved a mention here since I did bake them and they were incredible! Plus I’ve never made biscuits before and I love showing off my first time adventures!

I’ve never cut butter into flour before, it was tricky. It came down to me breaking a lot of the big butter chunks down with my fingers, but I think everything came out well. The biscuits were very flaky and buttery and I love chives, so those were a great bonus flavor! I had two batches and the ones that were cooked a little more were better, so make sure you leave them in until they’re a nice golden brown on top even though they’ll be a little darker on the bottoms. I was really glad they came out so nicely, especially on my first attempt.

And yes, I did use a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter to make them 🙂

Here they are all cut out nicely on the parchment paper. They were pretty easy to cut and tap out, but make sure you use plenty of flour on the work surface and your fingers, otherwise you’ll be a big sticky mess!

And here they are all done! My cell phone washes them out a little, trust me that they’re much prettier in person. When they’re baking, you might have little buttery puddles leaking around them and bubbling, but it’s nothing to be concerned about

Festive, flaky, fabulous!

Grab the recipe here at Annie’s Eats and have a happy eating!

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