Hey, remember that tart I posted? Well there was one part of that baking adventure that wasn’t part of the recipe.

It happened when we had trimmed the excess dough off our soon-to-be tart crust to make it more even. When we put the crust in to chill before we baked it, I noticed there was a whole pile of leftover dough that had no more purpose. Was I just supposed to throw it away? The idea was very upsetting to me, so, naturally, I started to play with it.

I was just rolling it around on the cutting board when I had the great idea to see if I could shape it into something and then bake it, like a crusty cookie! Not only would that provide entertainment while I waited, it would allow me to have a sample of the finished crust. Wonder baker strokes of genius may be few, but they’re always fun!

I knew right away what I wanted to do with it. You see, that same day also happened to be one of my best friend’s 21st birthday. Sadly she lives in another country and we couldn’t spend the day together, so what better way to do a mini-celebration than with a pie crust cookie in the shape of her favorite animal?

So I rolled

And I shaped

And I pinched

Until finally…

Ta-dah! Well of course her favorite animals are narwhals, what’s not to love about them?

I was super duper impressed with how it came out. And luckily there was still time to throw him in the oven and see what happened.

He got all puffy! I think baking was good for him, it rounded out all his edges. And when we did eat him, we were even more excited about the tart that was coming because he was tasty

So in the end, I got to have lots of fun during what would normally have been a boring waiting period and my friend got a special treat on her special day. My Wonder Baker Tip for all of you is to never let extra dough go to waste. Make shapes, build little dough people, or create a doughy monster that you destroy with the power of your mighty teeth! Taking an opportunity to have some fun is what being a wonder baker is all about.

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