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I just couldn’t resist.

Check out the beautiful and talented Mia and her made completely from scratch chocolatey cupcakes! And you know she’s an overachiever because her icing is made from scratch too! I just love when a pretty girl really throws herself into her baking 🙂

Rainbow cupcakes made by my beautiful internet wife (who has perfect taste in cupcakes among everything else), Kristin! I can’t tell which is cuter, the cupcakes or her adorable dress…I think it would have to be her.

A fantastic banner made with the help of my good friend Kelsey and her incredible shooping skills

As one of the fun and fabulous features of my not-so-serious baking blog, I decided to combine two of the things I love most: cupcakes and the female form. I know we can all appreciate a lovely lady, but what could be better than seeing a gorgeous girl photographed with the most adorable dessert ever? Nothing, that’s what!

So every once in a while, if I am provided with a lovely photographic gift, I’ll be throwing it up here for everyone’s enjoyment. But mostly mine.

This is going to be a quality blog you guys. I hope you dig it.