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Hi friends and readers alike out there in cyberspace!

There have not been any baking posts in quite a while 🙁

I know, I’m sad too.

Want to blame someone? Well, you could blame me, but it would be more fun (and less likely to make me cry) if you blamed the University system of California!

That’s right, it’s finals week and I have been drowning in an abyss of term papers, exam studying, and very little time to make tasty nummins.

But you know what comes after finals week? Yes, that’s right, a three week vacation from the oppressive educational system!

So look out world, because I have a ton and a half of delicious holiday treats I can’t wait to get working on, I hope you stick around 🙂

Oh boy, this is going to be crazy, disorganized weirdness for a bit while I get this all figured out. Blogging is srs bsns.

But if you’re here, you can oooo and ahhhh at the cute header and maybe click on the Operation Briefing and FAQ pages up there to learn more about me and what’s to come!