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You might be here for several reasons. You could be looking for a recipe or maybe you’re just really into boobs and cupcakes (if so, hello kindred spirit!). But maybe you’re here because, like me, you want to be a wonder baker yourself. You’ve got all the moxie, all the passion, and puns at the ready. Now all you need are the tools of the trade, and that’s what I’m here to help you with!

I’m going to kick off this exciting segment with, in my opinion, the most absolutely wonderful Wonder Baker Tool of all: The Apron.

Why, you might be wondering, is an apron so important? Maybe you like to live life on the edge of the oven and bake all willy-nilly, the safety of your clothing be dammed! But putting on a great apron is so much more than just protecting your clothes from spills and splashes, it’s about going from a plain old person to a master of baked goods, spreading sugary joy to all. When I put on my apron, I feel my excitement for baking increase until you can practically see the flames of passion burning around me. And it’s even better when someone comes along and sees you in your apron, because they know that you’ve been hard at work and that gets them excited too! So yes, when it comes to being a wonder baker, an apron is an essential tool.

My apron just happens to be my most favorite piece of clothing. And since I have so many places I stay at (and even more places I bake at), I’ve started carrying it around with me everywhere in my tote bag! I don’t ever want to be caught baking without it, it’s just not as much fun!

Just look at me preening, like a bird with shimmery feathers.

I got this apron from Anthropologie about two years ago. Sadly they seemed to have discontinued the design 🙁 It was my first real big gift from my boyfriend and something I wanted more than anything else. If you’ve never been to an Anthropologie, you should at least pop in and stroll around. They have tons of cute, but very pricey, things. But if you’re looking for great aprons, I’ve never found a better place that has them. Again, a little pricey, but worth it I think. Mine has really stood up to all the messes I’ve put it through and been an essential part of my wonder baking operation.

Plus the protective value an apron has is an invaluable asset when you’re a bit of clumsy baker.

Or if you’re just an overzealous bowl-licking baker.

Look at that, there might be chocolate all over this wonder baker’s face, but her clothes are clean as a whistle thanks to her handy dandy apron.

You’re probably thinking about the fact that white might not be the best color for an apron. But in my opinion, if you’re looking for something that you’re going to put on every day to get you in the baking spirit, it should be something you really love. When I put on my apron, I feel like the world is my bakery and there’s no pastry that can get the best of me!

With her trusty apron on, Wonder Baker Lindsey fears nothing and no one! You can never get her down because, like her hero Mimi Bread, she will rise again!